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Chairman's Desk

Chairman's Desk

Evil : The lack of money is an evil. With money we buy food or food grain, clothes, home, medicines or medical insurance and a lot of many things. Even a highly educated but unemployed person having no money is left helpless and his/her day-to-day life becomes difficult. A poverty-ridden family or country has more problems than a family or country placed financially well.

Crime : Mr. Bill Gates, one of the richest persons in the world and ‘Microsoft’ supremo has said that to have born in poor family is no crime but to die poor family is surely a crime. Our motto is "Knowledge is Liberation of Mankind" from most of the problems of human life, ‘Poverty’ being the prominent amongst them.

Advantage : We think that education should empower students so as to make them able to earn money and wealth after completion of their educations by respectable means i.e. out of their physical and / or intellectual labor.

Career : Put the other way around, students should get jobs and build a bright career. And therefore we think it necessary to enhance the employability of our students during the period of their graduation or post-graduation

Understanding : Accordingly, we plan our college teaching and training programmes and execute them to achieve the goal. We solicit our students to respond promptly to our programmes and parents to support us from time to time transform education into jobs / career.

Dr. M. R. Patil
President of Royal Education Society

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