Quiz Competition on Indian Constitution and GK

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

4:30 PM To 5:30 PM

Event Info

Organized by :
Computer Science Forum
Examiner :

1) Mrs. D. H. Mahamumi
2) Mrs. J. R. Kawale

On the auspicious occasion of Republic Day, to create an awareness about Indian Constitution and to boost students’ General Knowledge, a Quiz Competition was held at COCSIT on 23rd February 2019 at 4:30 pm in Seminar Hall, under the able guidance of Vice-Principal Mr. I. M. Kazi and Mrs. Maya Gaikwad conduced the competition.

Introduction of the Quiz Competition was given by one of the office-bearers of the forum in which all the rules and regulation of the competition were conveyed to all the participants. Total number of participants was 50 for the completion and later they were divided into different ten groups of five members in each

A special web-based application was designed by students of the Computer Science forum for conducting the Quiz Competition smoothly and effectively. It was interesting three-round competition including objective questions with options and buzzer round, which engaged the participants for one hour. The participants showcased their brilliance by rapidly answering the questions. Though some of the questions were tricky, the teams tried to answer them with confidence. All the teams participated actively, the team that score most was Orange team.

It was very formative and knowledge enriching competition for the participants along with the audience. COCSIT encourages such competition and hopes to bring out the best in all its students through such competitive events, while ensuring that the students learn through all possible ways not just through books and classroom teaching.

Royal Education society’s president honourable Dr. M. R. Patil, Principal Dr. N. S. Zulpe, Vice-Principal Mr. I.M.Kazi distributed the prizes to the rankers.

Rankers from First Year

SN Name of the Student Class Rank
1 Inamdar Shantanu R. B.Sc(CS) FY I
2 Gulbile Balkrishna B. B.Sc(CS) FY I
3 Shitole Pruthviraj B. B.Sc(CS) FY I
4 Vyvhare Ajay R. B.Sc(CS) FY I
5 Shitole Khandu B. B.Sc(CS) FY I

Rankers from Second Year and Third Year

SN Name of the Student Class Rank
1 Shaikh Sana M. B.Sc.CS SY I
2 Salunke Ashutosh S. B.Sc.CS SY I
3 Kulkarni Bhimsen M. B.Sc.CS SY I
4 Shaikh Majid M. B.Sc.CS SY I
5 Gavhane Sagar S. B.Sc.CS SY I